The Pitfall game cover art

Pitfall! is a game made for the Atari 2600 by Activision.


Pitfall! was made by Activision and was first sold in September of 1982. You play as Pitfall Harry and navigate through a jungle to find all 32 of the treasures in a 20-minute time limit. You have to avoid falling into pits and hitting moving and satitionary logs. You lose a life if you fall into the lake with the Crocodiles in it, touch a Rattlesnake, fall into a tunnel with a Scorpion in it, get hit by fire, or get sucked in quicksand. There are a few objects to help you such as the vine that you swing on. The treasures include Money Bags, Silver Bars, Gold Bars, and Diamond Rings.

Treasure PointsEdit

  • Money Bag: 2,000 points
  • Silver Bar: 3,000 points
  • Gold Bar: 4,000 points
  • Diamond Ring: 5,000 points


  • If you could get 20,000 points or over you would get one free year subscription to the Activision Explorers' Club along with the Activision Explorers' Club patch.